Refinitiv Expands REDI EMS Offering to India

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The Refinitiv Expands REDI EMail offering, a financial market intelligence and infrastructure provider, is launching its new electronic trading system, Refinitiv REDIEMS, in India. The new platform will provide a multi-asset platform to investors with a variety of features. This will include an Exchange Traded Fund, the Forex MegaDroid platforms, the E-mini platform, and also the ability to create custom investment platforms to meet the needs of the individual investor. The newly introduced platform also allows users to import funds from one bank account to another, while also allowing users to import securities from various market areas across the globe.

The Refinitiv REDIEMS electronic trading system provides access to over 200 exchanges and hundreds of brokers on the AutEx Trade Route system. It is designed to work for the individual investor with their own customized investment plans and also provides access to a variety of options for hedging, futures and currency trading.

The Refinitiv REDIEMS platform will give you a range of investment strategies based upon the information that they receive from the exchange markets. This means that you can use this platform to both diversify and leverage your investments.

This means that you can use the exchange market as a way to build your portfolio or you can use it to find multiple investment options that allow you to increase your returns. You can also utilize the platform to find opportunities to leverage your investments in the Forex markets and to trade in commodities such as gold, oil and agriculture.

If you have been looking for a reliable, cost effective, and easy-to-use electronic trading system that provides you access to a wealth of real time market information, then the Refinitiv REDIEMS electronic platform is definitely the best option. Its customizable features make this a highly flexible solution for investors of all levels and gives them access to a wide range of trading options and information. If you are just starting out investing, you can use this as a starter platform and as you get more experienced you can upgrade to the more advanced platform, the Forex MegaDroid, which is based on a real time market index.

The Refinitiv REDIEMS is a very simple platform that is easy to set up and use by beginners and experienced traders alike, as it is designed to be easy to install and configure. and run from a web browser.